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 The Closer Seasons DVD 1-4

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PostSubject: The Closer Seasons DVD 1-4   Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:21 pm

I love the more closely because it is interesting at the same time serious. Brenda Lee has her share of quirks. She is a strong woman, what makes her really great as a strong woman that she never was "too Butch" the authority of the man who is hard to police and border.
I especially like how her people did not actually like her when she was a new fresh Southern Belle arrived in Georgia to work the most.
I like how the script writer has her man in her flat accent, so she's back and some of the things behind indeed undermine his authority early in the odd behavior laughing fun. I like how the author gradually discovered over time how to get those who she is and respect her work.
I like her to use her charm to relieve some of the southern and lighting the fire, and according to need other people's enthusiasm for the. Writer to Brenda Lee added as a standard size character. I would like how they show how, in her view, to eliminate the details of crime, until she reached the solution. Although in many ways, I like Columbo and make their purchase from [...], Columbo each series I think Brenda Lee is his equal, it is strange I do not know her character's weaknesses and quirks true.
Yes, it means very good, if they say the video and a lot of actors you see in the main line series DVD version, but for the money, this is a terrific value. I would rather have more closer series are higher than the number of tons of additional paid. I must admit I Brenda Lee Georgia Southern Down Home gentle folky accent is simply the greatest person, I open a.
All things considered, because I like close to the script are great acting is great. I love all the more closely, most of the features because Brenda Lee is full of heart, passion, Down Home Plain old-fashioned southern charm of the humble, the same time or one that is awesom
Erie smart strong woman who speaks her mind. In addition, Brenda Lee and her courage often stand in a male-dominated field of characteristic relish, I think most young ladies that they need to see a growth to be strong, smart, self-assurance of better opportunities. Wide-screen format of the weird part is in the studio executives who know why the studio to make foolish choices, they often make stupid decisions.

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The Closer Seasons DVD 1-4
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