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 The Closer Seasons 1-4 DVD

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PostSubject: The Closer Seasons 1-4 DVD   Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:15 pm

I love The Closer because it is both funny and serious at the same time. Brenda Lee has her share of quirks. She is a strong woman and what makes her awesome as a strong woman is she is in no way "Overly Butch" in a position of authority working with men who are hard edged cops. I especially liked how most of the people she worked with did not actually like her when she arrived as a new fresh southern belle out of Georgia.

I liked how the script writers had the men of her unit making snide fun at her accent and odd mannerisms behind her back and some did things to undercut her authority earlier on. I liked how over time the writers gradually showed how she earned the respect of those who worked with her. I like how she uses her southern charms to disarm some and flare up with fire and passion to others as needed. The writers give Brenda Lee added demension as a character. I like how they show how she thinks and eliminates aspects of the crime details till she reaches the solution. While I loved Columbo in many ways and made it my business to buy every Columbo series from [...], I think Brenda Lee is his equal and is somehow made more real by her weird character flaws and quirks.

Yes it would be way nice IF they added lots of featurettes and extras you see in DVD releases of mainline series but, for the money this is an awesome value. I'd much rather enjoy all of the Closer Series than pay tons more for a few extras. I must admit I Brenda Lee's gentle southern Georgia down home just plain folky accent is one of the biggest turn on's for me. All things considered I like the closer because, the scripts are great the acting is great. Most of all I love the closer because the Brenda Lee character is full of heart, passion, down home plain old fashioned humble beginnings southern charm while being still an awesomely intelligent strong woman who speaks her mind. Futhermore Brenda Lee regularly stands her ground with guts and gusto in a male dominated field a trait I think most young ladies need to see so they have a better chance of growing up to be strong, intelligent and self assured. The weird wide screen format was a stupid decision on the studios part who knows why studio executives make the dumb choices they so often do.

You can't beat the price od the closer when you factor in the sheer number and quality of the programs you get for this DVD investment. If you like crime mystery and drama with a tinge of southern charm buying The Closer from [...] is a no brainer. If this new next season of the closer is awesome as the first season was I will be buying that DVD set from [...] too unless the production company gets piggy wanting an arm and a leg kings ransom price for the 2nd season DVD set.

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The Closer Seasons 1-4 DVD
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