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 Nunc Scio Quit Sit Amor

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PostSubject: Nunc Scio Quit Sit Amor   Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:49 pm

Nunc Scio Quit Sit Amor

Lost in the Valley of illusions
Deluded by Fate
A soul who blindly Pursued
Realization came too late

Trapped in a form of a Phantasm
such a feeble mind
Devoured alive by Phantoms
Hope came, The deceitful kind

Burnt wings I carried
Stumbling to heaven's door
only to be shattered, rejected
Death was the only choice nothing more

A testimony of imperfection
A kiss That touched Death's hand
Such a metaphoric act
To write Promises on the sand

Nunc Scio Quit Sit Amore

"Now I know what love is..."
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Nunc Scio Quit Sit Amor
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