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 for You Papa....

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PostSubject: for You Papa....   Tue Oct 14, 2008 7:20 pm

For You Papa...
by: Krystine Joy B. Sitjar

Edelvone Marquez, rich, handsome, kind-hearted, smart and everything. A real epitome of a perfect gentleman. Admired by all, truly a role model of excellence. He who had a life envied by almost all. A good aviator. Almost perfect, everything in order but was he happy? He will never be.

“Pa, I will receive a medal I am the class valedictorian in our class” beamed Edelvone who is an active grade 6 pupil that time. “Tomorrow is our graduation day; I want you to impose it to me together with mama”.
“Bonying... son... (As his Papa fondly called him, which he hated the most) Papa has a work to do, you know tomorrow is such a busy day in the hospital. Don’t worry I’ll buy you that new remote controlled plane in the mall, remember that? The one you asked mama to buy you?” his papa explained to him.
“But papa... I don’t need that new toy; I want you to be there...aren’t you proud of me?” Edelvone insisted in an almost teary-eyed face.
“Oh son, papa is very proud of you, I am and will always be...It’s just that I really have lots of work to do, please understand my dear Bonying..” plead his father.
“All right pa...”and Edelvone walk his way in his room and cried.

Years passed by and he was to finished high school. He was once again the class valedictorian. He never surrendered his childhood dream a dream that his papa will impose the medal on him, may be his Papa will now impose the medal to him, besides he is finishing high school now.

“Papa, I will graduate as a Valedictorian” started Edelvone and quite hesitant on the next words he was about to say.
“Uhm..I want you to be there and impose the medal on me...please Papa?”
“Oh Bonying that’s my boy, I know you’re such a brilliant kid since you were young...” his Papa responded with such delight..
“Papa I said I want you to impose the medal on my graduation day tomorrow,” repeated Edelvone.
“Oh son, we will be having an emergency medical mission tomorrow, an epidemic struck a nearby province and only a few volunteered,” revealed his father.
“What do you mean Pa?” sounding hurt and rejected.
“I can’t make it son...,” his Papa answered back.
“I knew it, I just knew it...” he walked away disheartened as ever.

On the other hand, Edelvone does not know how his Papa worked hard to earn lots of money for them to have a good life and be able to provide his needs and give him everything he wants. Everything he will do for his son.

After the high school graduation, Edelvone started to give his father a cold shoulder. He didn’t care if his father felt bad, for what? Does his father care how he felt rejected every time he refuses to go to any of his school affair? All his life he strived hard for his father to be proud, but he never felt his presence. And he decided to be rebellious and went away from home. Edelvone continued studying with aid of scholarship grant and made his way of finishing college and becoming a good pilot. He will make it with flying colors and he wants to show it to his father that he could make it without him. The day before his graduation day, he went home. His mother burst to tears that his son finally went home. His father was teary-eyed upon his long lost Bonying.

“Oh Bonying, I knew you will find your way home son...” his father hugged him tightly full of love, which he just ignored.
“Papa, tomorrow I will be awarded as the topnotch in our aviator batch” he almost choked he wanted to cry but he must appear strong. “Will you impose the medal on me” he was afraid to hear the dreadful NO but to his amazement...
“Son I am more than willing! Yes, I will impose that medal on you! I am very proud of you son!” his papa uttered happily, overjoyed.

Edelvone suppressed his feelings to cry after all these years his father would now impose the medal on him.

The Graduation day. Everyone was happy except for the topnotch aviator who was currently being imposed with a medal by his mother and his professor?!?! Edelvone was so disheartened that immediately he went straight home after graduation. He looked for his father and found him sleeping in a side lying position. Out of great anger and outburst, he threw the medal on his father and yelled, “That’s for you! You good for nothing father! You promised me that you will come but you never did! I should have never believed you! You were a liar ever since! You were never proud of me! I hate you!” He went to his father and tried to shake him but to his surprise... his father, his Papa lays still, cold and ...dead.
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for You Papa....
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